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Personal Injury Statistics In St Louis

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Statistics are a science that depict data in a mathematical form. This data helps people to understand their odds in any sort of game/act of chance. Most of the St Louis law agencies have a database of personal injuries, as this helps in trend analysis and easy reference of past cases.

According to available statistics, over one and a half million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries in St Louis every year. Out of these, 50% are injured in vehicle-related accidents and about 25% are injured in falls. Young children and the elderly most frequently suffer brain injuries as a result of falls. 20% of brain injuries are a result of some form of violence and 3% are sports- related injuries.

Topping the list of potential causes of personal injury is motor vehicle accidents because the more we progress the faster cars are made to travel. With many modern cars doing speeds of up to 100 mph you can imagine what happens when something goes wrong somewhere. This can be closely followed truck accidents though they may not reach the extent of cars because they are heavier and slower. Plane crashes and train accidents are a little rare though they also occur and at times involve even none passengers.

Add to the above list motorcycles and boats and you will discover that traveling is a major cause of injuries. Following closely after means of travel is construction sites where workers get affected most but then even passersby who have debris landing on them. Other people get hurt in amusement parks and not forgetting our very homes where pets like dogs get to bite people. This happens to be among the very major of all the potential causes of personal injury and that then should give you an indication of what should raise your red flag if you get involved.

Every year, there are more than 6 million car accidents on the roads of the St Louis

Statistics indicate that drunk driving caused maximum accidents. 40% of car injuries are caused due to drunk driving. 30% of injuries are caused due to over speeding of vehicles and 33% are due to reckless driving. Most of these road accidents occur at night. Tourists who visit St Louis on wine tasting vacations also drive in an inebriated condition and cause accidents. Accidents caused at workplaces also cause personal injury. Accidental injuries and injuries resulting from falls at construction sites are the fifth leading cause of death in St Louis.

Data such as this, when collected and organized, can help in the prevention of injuries by eliminating the causes such as drunk driving, reckless driving, or driving without seat belts on according to a reputable St Louis personal injury law firm.

Statistics help in trend analysis. This information is also highly useful to insurance companies when they are forming new policies for personal injury. Amendments in old policies are also made on the basis of this data.

Law enforcement bodies and governing bodies make use of this statistics in St Louis. Many of the laws were amended to reduce or eliminate certain causes of personal injury. Law firms use the statistics too while referring to past cases. St Louis Personal injury lawyers use methods of research and observation to depict data.